Onigiri and Coffee

It’s getting colder day by day. How are you holding up?

These are what I usually have for breakfast. As you may know, on your left is a rice ball aka ONIGIRI, and on your right is a can of coffee. There are numerous variations of ONIGIRI toppings/fillings, and my favorite is TUNA-Mayo (Tuna and Mayonnaise). It is put inside the ONIGIRI, so you can see it at the first bite if you are lucky:)

After eating the ONIGIRI, just drink the coffee, and I’m ready to work.

Some of my friends miss these things in Japan.

Hope they visit my blog and see the picture that reminds them of those days.

What’s your favorite ONIGIRI topping/filling?


4 thoughts on “Onigiri and Coffee

  1. It’s such a silly story, but many, many MANY years ago, my friend and I were working near Picadilly, London, near SOHO. We found this cute little Chinese run shop and they sold these yummy rice things, in the shape of a triangle. So, we named them….triangle! So funny. There were 88p each (not much money at all) and so yummy, healthy and filling. Then, fast forward to my new Japanese life, and I suddenly see triangles everywhere! The onigiri! LOVE IT! How do you like yours?!
    (karage/mayo or tuna mayo or sake or bacon & cream cheese….not very Japanese but very very YUM)

  2. Thanks for the comment! Triangle!? That’s a good name:) Yeah, you can see triangles everywhere in Japan even on a Shinkansen bullet train. I love TUNA-MAYO very much! Well, it’s actually hard to choose the onigiri I like best, because there are so many! If you have not yet tried Okaka that’s dried bonito shavings with soy sauce, you should try. It’s one of the traditional onigiri fillings. Karaage/Mayo is guaranteed haha! It’s so tasty.

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