So far, so good.


Time does fly so fast! The leaves turned red. As you can see, it’s Autumn.

I work with some Atlantic Canadian companies. One of them sent me the picture above the other day. It’s taken in Prince Edward Island which is also known as a town of Anne of Green Gables. When I talk with Japanese about “PEI”, almost 100% of them say “Anne of Green Gables!”. Although I didn’t immediately associate Anne of Green Gables with PEI, it reminded me lobsters instead. Maybe because I’m always hungry.

I now have several Atlantic Canadian companies that I work with. I have seen a lot of products produced in PEI such as wine and potato. There are some companies in the region that supply good building products as well. I have met some of representatives from those companies. They have a strong passion for what they are doing. I was impressed when I met them to discuss the benefits and risks of the Japanese market. They have been learning the Japanese market and/or culture and trying to understand more and more.

Making the path to Japan is my mission. It’s not very easy, but it is possible and exciting!

Have a good one,