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Time does fly so fast! The leaves turned red. As you can see, it’s Autumn.

I work with some Atlantic Canadian companies. One of them sent me the picture above the other day. It’s taken in Prince Edward Island which is also known as a town of Anne of Green Gables. When I talk with Japanese about “PEI”, almost 100% of them say “Anne of Green Gables!”. Although I didn’t immediately associate Anne of Green Gables with PEI, it reminded me lobsters instead. Maybe because I’m always hungry.

I now have several Atlantic Canadian companies that I work with. I have seen a lot of products produced in PEI such as wine and potato. There are some companies in the region that supply good building products as well. I have met some of representatives from those companies. They have a strong passion for what they are doing. I was impressed when I met them to discuss the benefits and risks of the Japanese market. They have been learning the Japanese market and/or culture and trying to understand more and more.

Making the path to Japan is my mission. It’s not very easy, but it is possible and exciting!

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I had no idea what Flammkuchen was. I met a guy in Tokyo through my friend the other day. He runs a business that is Katrin’s Flammkuchen. He had Flammkuchen in Germany, and that was his first time to see it. He was very impressed with the taste that he had never had before. After that day, he had been looking for the same taste in Japan. Although he found a few places in Japan that he had Flammkuchen, there’s no place that made him smile. He was thinking, thinking and thinking of Flammkuchen… Every single day…

Time went by, his passion of Flammkuchen let him start a business. Now there are over 40 restaurants in Tokyo that serve Katrin’s Flammkuchen. His journey of Katrin’s Flammkuchen has been expanding. Check some places that you eat out. You may see Katrin’s Flammkuchen in your neighborhood.

So, what’s Flammkuchen???

Katrin's Flammkuchen

Key words are:

House party

Light meal





I am not good at explaining things, so please hold a house party and invite me so that I can bring it to you.